LORDS (An English Medium School) was envisaged in the early 2000s and the dream of our founders has been brought to culmination in 2016. Our renowned founders’ cum faculty combined with years of experience have established LORDS (An English Medium School) with a view t achieving the highest levels of pedagogical impact in the classroom and beyond. We have also hired a superior class of faculty, committed to providing coursework, resources, activities and instructional facilities that encourage excellence in teaching and learning. Students of LORDS (An English Medium School) are exposed to a wide range of coursework and support services designed to enhance their learning at all levels and to help them develop into confident leaders of an ever-increasingly complex and global community.

Mission & Vision

We wish to enable every student at LORDS (An English Medium School) to reach their full potential in a happy, safe, stimulating and nurturing atmosphere, which allows all children to feel secure and valued and therefore ready and eager to learn. We also develop kindness, honesty and consideration for others. We aim to work in close partnership with you, so that your child’s individual needs are met. We are always willing to answer any questions or concerns.
To recognize and to encourage talents of all kinds and of all degrees, and to endeavour to stretch the intellectual and creative capacity of individuals. To develop fluency in the use of language, and to foster enjoyment of all the processes of communication: oral, written and visual. Stimulating intellectual curiosity

Our Goals


■ To provide an environment of excellence, responsibility, and diversity that fosters intellectual, social, analytical skills accomplished by not only through a vigorous pursuit of excellence in academic but also diverse co-curricular activities.

■ To promote a strongly rooted knowledge of, and involvement with, national heritage, culture and language.

■ To develop students’ study habits and instill the desire to become accomplished human beings.

■ To provide each child with an equal opportunity to develop to his or her full potential academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally and to enable each child to respect the spiritual, moral, social and cultural differences in our society, showing respect for the needs, wishes and opinions of others.

■ To encourage each child to express themselves creatively and solve problems imaginatively.

■ Fostering a capacity to tackle a problem and to follow and sustain an argument and emphasizing the difference between truth and falsehood, and between fact and feeling.

■ To place the School at the service of the community, and to accept its appropriate share of responsibility for equipping each child to find his/her own niche in his/her occupation and in society.

■ To encourage each child to develop in their special field of interest so as to best showcase their particular type of talent while focusing on multifaceted development of each child.

■ To ignite curiosity and the desire to learn rather than routinely load children with academic burden; a methodology that turns learning into a combination of classroom study, research and scientific discovery.


  • We have state of the art classrooms.
  • ICT Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Library
  • Quran Club
  • Art Club
  • Dance Club
  • Community Club
  • Taekwondo Club
  • French Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Debating Club
  • Sports & Games
  • Cultural Events