We take pride in the fact that our faculty teachers are all Bangladeshi nationals. Through their dedication and commitment we have a school in which young people can grow into confident and competent human beings.

LORDS (An English Medium School) Dhaka is strongly committed to promoting and enhancing quality education. Central to this belief is the professional development of teachers. Better-trained and skilled teachers provide a more varied, interesting and enriching learning experience for students.

All Primary teachers at the school have experience in montessory(Activity Based Learning). The Senior School teachers have completed the training on IGCSE and A Level provided for them by Edexcel.

Teacher Performance Review and Quality Education
 : How does the School ensure that the benefits of teacher in-service and professional development actually manifest themselves in the classroom and enhance the learning experience of young people?

Ensuring this happens is the responsibility of the Head of Education. Informal and formal visits are made to the classroom on a regular basis. Every administrator spends part of their day visiting classrooms to monitor teacher performance and student progress. The less frequent “Formal Visit” is part of a well-established process in which all teachers participate. The objectives of the visits are:

  • To monitor the progress and well being of students
  • To ensure that the correct curriculum is being taught
  • To determine that adequate records are being kept
  • To assess teacher competence
  • To identify the professional needs of teachers
  • To ensure that classroom management and teaching strategies promote an active learning environment
  • To identify potential leaders.

Parents are strongly encouraged to discuss educational concerns or their child’s classroom progress with the school administration.