Q: Do the children have to be Muslim to attend the school?

No. In fact the School is non-denominational and accepts children from all faiths.

Q: Is transport provided?

A: Yes, the School offers school transport service at an additional monthly charge to students from Grade I. To register or to obtain further information, please contact Admin Office.

Q: Do you have day care facilities?

A: No. The School does not currently offer any boarding facilities.

Q: Is there a minimum age for entry?

A: Children enter the school at the age of three. Admission into the pre-primary programme is based on the child’s ability to converse in both Bangla and English and to demonstrate acceptable social skills during an interview.

Q: Do you have boarding facilities for students?

A: No. The School does not currently offer any boarding


Q: How many Class 12 students pursue tertiary education?

A: 100% of the graduates pursue a university education. Depending on family income and access to scholarships.

Q: Does your school offer university counseling?

A: The Student Counselor provides the students counseling and assistance for the application process to the University of their choice.

Q: What are the graduation requirements from Class 12?

A: Students in the IAL program should take a minimum of Three Advanced Supplementary courses in Year 11. In Class 12, students must sit for a minimum of two advanced courses.

Q: Do you have an extracurricular programme?

A: Yes. The School considers ECA to be a very significant part of the educational experience of each student. Various sporting activities and clubs allow students to develop leadership and organisational skills.

Q: What are your class sizes?

A: The guidelines determine the maximum class size. At the primary level, the School has a maximum of 20 students in each class. Each of these classes has two homeroom teachers to ensure all children receive individual attention. The senior school has a maximum class size of 20 as wel.

Q: How many subjects does a student need to sit for?

A: At IGCSE level, students must take a minimum of six subject. This is the prerequisite for entry to the IAL programme..

Q: Do you take measures to ensure my child receives a quality education?

A: The School has careful hiring practices in place to screen and identify teachers. It has a vigorous training programme for the teaching staff. Under the teacher performance review programme, members of the Senior Teachers visit classes informally. Classes are visited formally and teachers receive a written report on their performance. The school administration is based on the philosophy of “management by walking around”.


Q: Is there a code of conduct for students?

A: Yes. The behaviour policy is rooted in the expectation that all students will be respectful, cooperative and treat each other with dignity.

The School follows a system of progressive discipline and frequently involves parents in strategies to resolve behavioural and social difficulties. This reflects the School’s objective of involving students, parents and teachers as partners in the educational experience.


Q: What Examination Board is your curriculum based on?

A: The curriculum is based on the Edexcel, United Kingdom. Find it more

Q: How do I obtain an application package?

A: The admission package is available from the Admission Office.

Q: Is there an admission test?

A: Yes. All students applying for Grade 1 to Grade IX must successfully complete English, Mathematics and Bengali admission tests.

Q: What are your school fees?

A: The fees are very competitive with other Bangladeshi English medium schools. The current fee structure is available in the admission package. LORDS (An English Medium School) reserves the right to review and adjust fees periodically. For more information Visit Admission Office.

Q: Do donations assist in the admission process?

A: The admission process is honest and fair. Any attempt to exercise “influence” or make “conditional donations” will be refused. The School has a clear and transparent admission procedure, which is child-centred and merit-based.