“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. These lines must be remembered by all in order to get rewarded in life. One should inculcate determination and confidence to acquire perfection. 

LORDS is not just a name, it’s a dream of 9 academicians who spent their entire lives teaching children to stand with head high in the society. They have traveled a long journey in this field and acquired experience and confidence which has helped them start this venture named LORDS. They have the caliber to groom up their students in such a manner that each student can become a proud citizen of this country. 

The vision and mission of LORDS are to create a system which will be different than other educational institutions. We have provided a homely environment for our students where they feel at ease to share their opinions and relate their own experiences with the contents taught in class. The teachers are well trained and experienced who work hard to provide their sincere efforts. Our teachers have always given access to students to speak out about their problems so that the teachers can help them out in every way. Teachers counsel students when they face any sort of personal problems and boost them up to adjust with the classroom environment. We maintain an open door policy where Parents can come in with their suggestions and even express their problems regarding any academic or extracurricular issue of their children. LORDS believes that without the collaborated efforts and contributions of Parents and Students it can never be able to make a unique stand. Success can be acquired only through unity amongst each other.  

We hope to see LORDS at the peak one day with the blessings of Almighty Allah.


Nurun Nahar Farzana